Putting together 3  or more different styles of clothing that best suit the models personality and look.

》Sourcing out the perfect environment to blend with this look, be it a customized studio or a location.

》Behind the scenes video footage  shot the whole time if required to further add to the models show-reel.

》Creating a hard cover customized catalogue choosing the best images from the Photo shoot.  15-20 Pages.
Pages can be customized,  e.g. leather, Linen Paper Stock, Silky Matte Paper

》A wide range of Photographers, Make Up artists, Designers,Stylists, Body Painters.

Brands and venues

A growing epidemic at the moment Is that brands and venues are not able to appeal to their current demographic because they do not know how to best entice their feelings visually. Today’s generation has changed, with that so has their Mindstate.

Services Offered
》Unique Commercials coinciding with brand ideology

》Creative direction

》New age Concept Creation

》Current, more appealing ways to market and advertise

》Themed Promotional Models

》Creation of Hard-cover catalogues for events or brands.